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Wednesday, 3 October 2012

The ‘Dude and Marketer’ Story

Okay.. So it’s been a while on here.. Missed y’all. Good to be back J

So sometime last month, I read a story on (which I think you should read too) and assuming the story is true, it’s quite a pathetic and annoying one. I decided to title it ‘Dude and Marketer’.. LOL.

So dude, (who claims to be a geek, and not-so-sociable), comes back home after studying abroad and meets an innocent and desperate looking bank marketer who tries to persuade him to open an account. She (marketer) some days later, went to meet the ‘geek’ while he was hanging out with friends at a hotel and tried to convince him for about five minutes. Now, friends convinced 28 year old geek (who isn’t really the type of take advantage) to have sex with the 21 year old in exchange for the account opening. And yes he did! Only to discover that Marketer, who told him she could do anything for the account opening was a VIRGIN!!! Oh dear LWKMD. Nollywood tings! Dude was so surprised, tripped and impressed, that his company had to open an account worth a ‘few hundreds of millions’.
That stage is now over and done with, Dude has satisfied his urge, Marketer has her account. However, dude has a problem he wants you to help him with: He thinks that he now has actual feelings for her and he thinks about her all the time. He is now no longer looking for sex, he wants something real! So now he’s asking if he should call her. (This is after he has told his friends about his ‘conquest’)

Well, this is how I see it. Dude is simply a selfish, lying and self-seeking bastard, who has developed feelings of guilt for taking advantage of a desperate young woman, and feelings of pity for her and is confusing these feelings for love, affection, or whatever. PERIOD! He didn’t just sleep with her because he wanted to. He did so, because his friends told him to. That sure goes to show how much he cares about her. Is he even sure he doesn’t want to see her just for another piece of the action? And there he is forming ‘hopeless romantic’. I can’t stop laughing.
Come to think of it, is it that easy to break an intact hymen? Dude had the heart to see it through even after discovering she was a virgin just because of the favour she asked of him? And now he’s claiming love? Really? Dude, please get real! Don’t get disturb the poor lady with your rubbish call. You had an exchange. Suck it up, get real and stop deceiving yourself and others.

Marketer!!! Hmm… So you remained a virgin till you were 21? And you let a job take that away from you? For real? Are you sure you didn’t pull any trick there? Maybe you figured the guy would fall for you if u were a virgin so you... *lips sealed*. Like seriously what would be your justification for that? Helplessness? No! Desperation is different from helplessness. Well it was your choice…At least, your bobo that saved your job has fallen in love. Maybe it was a blessing for you though. He’s now contemplating calling you… Pray he does sha. For me? You are very WRONG!!!

My opinion though! What do y’all think? Where are all my romantic readers J.. Oya comment and disagree with me o! LOOOOL!


Izzy @Izzyleecious