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Friday, 15 July 2011

Wetin this social networking go cause ehn??!

This is my first time of putting together my silly random thoughts in a blog. Its just usually easier to spill my thoughts in bits and pieces as they come on twitter and get retweets, replies and all, or to just update my status sharp-sharp on facebook. I might as well just upload a really funny video on you-tube. These are really easy and fun too. But I figured this blogging thing is kinda smooth and classy. So it works.

The name is Yemisi by the way. Peeps love to call me Izzy. I am  the regular fun girl as far as I know. The sick thing about me is that nothing about me is ever planned. I am a disorganised person, but somehow I always get things done. I sleep a whole lot also and my siblings never stop teasing me for this. My best friends call me weird. I don't believe them though.

I grew up as an average kid, and in all these years of my childhood and early teenage, there was ,little social networking. Infact, I remember there was a time when it was really cool to own an ordinary e-mail address on yahoo or hot mail. Back then though, we still lived our lives. Maybe its because we weren't exposed to it just yet. the 'as far as you can see' concept applied. You can only understand what you can see. And since we weren't seeing it, we weren't missing it.

Don't get it twisted though, I love social networking. I was mad about facebook when it first started, I never joined HI5 though. I tweet like per second ( I have never landed in tweet jail sha and I dont know how people do). I watch you-tube videos too and I use a blackberry. I love all these things I must say because I believe that they make life easier.

My point however is that back in the pre-networking days, friendships and relationships were more real and peeps were more down to earth. Back in the day for instance, if I needed to holla at a friend (who probably didn't have a mobile phone), I'd have to get up and leave the convinience of house to go to his or hers (now this is just to say hello oh!). Bearing in my mind of course that I may not meet him or her oh! It actually took true love and care to  go through this for a friend.

But in this day of social networking, FB, twitter and all sorts of chatrooms and messengers (especially the BB), its easy to just say a fake hi and get a fake hey in return. This is the era of abbreviations: LOL, BRB, LMAO, GTG, and so on. LOL for instance used to mean 'laughing out loud' (most times the person isn't even smiling sef). These days LOL means "I have nothing else to say." I say LOL, you say LOL and that's it!..... As far as I know,>>>> very empty!!. BRB (be right back) is another frequently told lie. Most peeps just use it to end conversations and they will never be back. People no longer visit on birthdays. Trust me, that your besty only relies on FB to know your birthday. The funiest part of it is that peeps don't even buy birthday cards anymore. They'll just post on your wall: 'HBD darl, LLNP IJN have a blast!' I am like seriously? Warris dat? You are too lazy to type Happy Birthday? The day I found out the meaning of LLNP ehn! I was just pissed off. You want to wish someone long life and prosperity and you alreadt shorten this? How that person wan live long abeg?

Someone tells you thank you and what you say is Uw or Yw? Warris dat? You"re welcome is too long?

BB users are the most annoying: Some one will just wake up one morning and begin to circulate  one useless broadcast: usually one silly rumour or the other oh!

Twitter timelines get all religious on Sundays. Peeps use angel signs on their BB status when they can't even remember when last they prayed oh! Living in a world of technology and networking makes us forget that God doesn't have a twitter handle, neither does he have an FB ID, BB pin or whatever.... peeps abeg try PARK WELL!!!

Okay, before you chop me raw, I know I am guilty of all these offences too and I aint saying networking or technology is bad. Of course, it gives us an identity, no matter where you are the world will find you. Its either you have an FB ID, twitter handle, BB pin, you must just have something. This is a big plus i suppose>>>

What i am saying however is that if Lara (this wonderful lady I met on twitter by the way) can say LOL to a friend in a physical conversation instead of actually laughing, and  I can say hash out loud before saying ok bye to someone: then maybe in the next five years, we will no longer be speaking in sentences , we'll all just be using abbreviations in all our speeches and  automatically understand.... How sick is that? LOL (actually laughing)

Wetin this social networking  go cause ehn????!!
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