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Tuesday, 30 August 2011

25 random things about me

Ladies and gentlemen, boys and girls...... This is really really random. Honestly, I don 't know where it's coming from, I don't know where its heading, I don't know why I'm writing it.... But at least I know that I have decided to talk about myself today. Its just going to be all about me,. To be truthful, I am not really sure that there are up to 25 things to say about me. That's how unprepared I am for this........ I am still hoping I don't get stuck in the middle sha. Let's see how it goes tho' (I will not tell you if I am a virgin or not sha) lol

  1. I am very weird and I have the weirdest of thoughts and beliefs.
  2. I believe whoever invented schooling should be killed. I hate reading, and I could be very very unserious. But somehow I always pass my exams. Maybe not excellently, but at least I don't fail
  3. I am very lazy, I can sleep for Africa.
  4. Everything about me is disorganised. I never have a time table for anything. And everything I do is last minute. 
  5. I am very friendly and playful. I talk to and become friends with almost anyone that comes my way.
  6. I grew up as a tomboy, loved sneakers, big tops, and boyish things. my being a girly girl today is my mum's fault. lol
  7. I have a  big fat girl clique now..... 
  8. They don't call me Izzy for nothing, I love to enjoy life and I take everything easy. hence Izzy. 
  9. I talk a whole lot and I love to be noticed.
  10. I love to sing but I don't sing well.
  11. I hate the colour yellow
  12. I notice, record, process and judge as much as I talk too (if not more) and I am sharper than a lot of people know, I am full of surprises.
  13. I used to eat a lot, I was actually called 'dustbin' in my house. I ate everyone's left over 
  14. I like indomie a whole lot. I have betrayed my siblings countless times for it. *covers face*. If it could pay my bills, I probably would have married it.
  15. I don't like colourful food. Thats why I don't eat salads
  16. I love the blackest food on earth a whole lot too AMALA!!!!!! 
  17. My favourite body part is my legs, they are thin, long, fair and straight. 
  18. I love short skirts, they help me flaunt my legs :D
  19. I am very stubborn, I hate being told what to do
  20. Once upon a time, I liked fair guys........
  21. I am not so sure I believe in marriage just yet
  22. I once had a crush on my teacher in secondary school.
  23. I am much younger than I look and act
  24. Sometimes when no one is watching, I speak to myself, act out a role in front of a mirror, or even do a catwalk.
  25. I am a happy and lovely young woman. I love me and I hope u love me 2. 
And  Ouch! 26. This is what I look like. lol
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  1. You've got to be kidding me...u not sure if u believe in marriage yet...u better scrap out dat b4 ur bf reads random...good job missy

  2. 14 is so true.i can attest to it.

  3. Funmi baby..... fank u.... i dey try resemble u nooni>....

  4. wonder who the fair guy dt broke your heart was....

  5. 27. I luff you too.