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Monday, 19 March 2012

My Experience- When I walked out of my body (2)

The bloody room is hot as hell
I need to get out from hear...
Obviously now, I am more or less a ghost since no one can see me.
I miss my boyfriend,
I miss my besty.
I haven't seen them both since I had my accident!
'Oh mum!', I imagined... How dare you not call my boyfriend? How dare you not call my besty?
Seriously.... I understand you not liking my boyfriend but why didnt you call my besty?....

So I'm thinking, let me take this opportunity to view nature from the eyes of a 'ghost'.
This may be more fun than I imagined.
I look at my lifeless body, shake my head and walk out through the heavy looking door (which was locked by the way)....
This is too ridiculous, the feeling is weird, none of the nurses can see me. I sigh and walk past them.

Its around 5pm and I figured my office wouldn't have closed.
Naked as I am, I decide to go and visit them. Afterall they can't see me.
As I entered the door.. I see there isn't much work and my colleagues are chatting away the time.
Then they start talking about me and some one says :'I miss her'. Another person replied immediately : Ah! That noisy girl? the office is peaceful without her. The whole office burst into mad laughter when someone said: 'I know you miss her stupidity, we all do.'
Wow! I can't believe what I have just heard. I thought I was everyone's favourite colleague. I'm so sad. My head drops as I walk out of the office.

Now that I am outside the office, I begin to think it was a waste of my 'ghost time' coming to this office where they think I am stupid.
I think I should head to my boyfriend's place, at least I would feel love when I get there.
Just the thought of it, I smiled. Maybe after that, I'll visit my besty too before I go back to that God forsaken hospital. I think about my body and what it is going through in the hands of the doctors. I shake my head....

I get on a bus and sit on a lady's laps. She can't feel anything and its really funny.
The humour in this takes my sadness away.
And my hopes for a beautiful adventure returns.

His door is open, I look round and the aura in the sitting room welcomes me.
My smile soon disappears when I see a woman's shirt on the chair and panties on the carpet.
I am furious, am trembling all over. As I get closer to his room, I can hear 'sounds'.
The door is open so I storm inside...

And there it was. My boyfriend was making passionate love to my bestfriend!!!.
Its terrible and unbelievable.
I scream but they can't hear me. They have obviously gotten to a point of no return.
Moaning and groaning.... Wow!
I turn to go but I can't help looking back at them.
My bestfriend and boyfriend in bed together?
I'd better return to the hospital before I see another horrible thing.

On my way back, all I can do is cry.
I have held in high esteem and importance the very people who have been back stabbing me.
And my family who have loved me, I have cared less about.
I have placed the unimportant above the important. And I have come out hurt..

Lucky for me, I get back to the hospital when the final touches were made.
When the Is were being dotted and the Ts were being crossed.
As I replay those two terrible scenes in my head, I thank the doctors from the bottom of my heart, look at my lifeless body and walk back right into where I had walked out from, sad and torn.
Yes, I am sure! That when I wake up, I will begin to see things in a whole new light.

I cough up like 7hours after this.
Body and spirit now together.
I open my tired and weak eyes. Everything is blurry.
Just by my side, I see two figures standing.
Lord have mercy!
Its my boyfriend and bestfriend showing me 'love' and 'see-no-evil, here-no-evil' smiles.
Bloody shiiiii!
Can you imagine?
Like seriously?......


  1. Aha!! It was all a dream. Be happy :D

    Nice story!

  2. Hmmm so touching. Nice tho!