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Monday, 19 March 2012

My Experience- When I walked out of my body (1)

I get up, look back and see my own body!
Bloody shiiiii! I can't believe this!!
I'm scared out of my mind; They are both ME!!!!
The 'me' that is lying on the bed is getting butchered and with eyes tightly closed isn't reacting at all! HOW???!
The 'me' that is standing and conscious is as naked as a 'plucked' chicken. HUH???!
Who are these intruders with ridiculous outufits fumbling with me? Are they mad? Why are they acting like they can't see me?
So I scream out loud to get their attention.
But not only are they mad, they are also deaf.
The whole scene reminds me of Grey's Anatomy.
Then I remember: I'm having a surgery.
But still, what am I doing outside my body? Am I dead?
Well, instead of torturing myself by watching them slice me up, I'd rather think back and try to remember how I ended up here...

I was leaving home for work,
And I didn't even greet my folks.
Mum screamed at me the night before, for coming in late.
And dad couldn't say anything in my defence.
So I couldn't be bothered.
My brother sent me an IM at about the time I woke up.
I didn't bother to read it (The boy's wahala is too much)
I didn't answer my sister when she called my name. I just wasn't in the mood.
I almost slapped the housemaid for standing in my way.
I just brushed her aside and jumped into my car.

I drove out of the compound, heaved a sigh of relief as though my family had been giving me trouble.
Memories of last night's outing made me smile.
My boyfriend invited me for a couple of drinks and I dragged my besty along.
She always complains about how heart broken and lonely she has become since her boyfriend left her and she's quick to remind of how lucky I am to have such a good guy as a boyfriend. I love her so much, I hate to see her down.
My boyfriend doesn't mind her company as well.

I remembered how she laughed and said 'I go love oh!' when my boyfriend planted a big kiss on my lips. It made me laugh.
I must've laughed too hard to notice that people were scampering away for safety.
Damn! A bullet had hit me from across the road and some good Samaritans rushed me to the hospital after the robbery was over.

I woke up in serious pain and saw my hypertensive mother crying. She was speaking to someone I am very sure was my dad and telling him 'The doctor said there would be a surgery to bring out the bullet but she would have to be conscious first.'
When I sneezed, the woman jumped up in utter joy. For some weird reason though, I was still mad at her.
I gave her a fake smile while scheming what to do to her when I get out of the hospital.
Shame on me, I could care less about my family at this moment.

My sister visited, my dad called every five seconds, my brother came all the way from his school, and my mum became a tenant at my bedside.
I couldn't be touched. Isn't it their duty to love me?
Two days later, after a heavy dose of medications, I am wheeled into this place where I am now standing outside myself and wondering if I am dead or not...


  1. *deep sigh* scared

  2. Ur imagination sure runs wild. I just wanna know if its u outta ur body that I'm seeing in d office? Just out of one dear.

  3. Is this for real or an illusion.I'm struggling the fact dat u gave a fake smile and care less about the love coming from your family or is there sumtin u not telling us!!!!!Nice one thou.