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Sunday, 25 December 2011

This Christmas

It’s hot, sunny, dry, dusty, windy, cold morning, dry lip, white and scaly skin December again. The mornings this time are not so cold though. Even though I would like to describe it as a fake harmattan season, I cannot deny that the sun has taken its toll on my skin and I am one or two tones darker, I am also a bit thinner from the stress of work.

It is however good to know that it’s the season to be merry. The holidays are here, the Christmas lights are in every street, trees in every house, red and white costumes and caps. While some people understand the real reason for the season, others just see it as a time to wear fine dresses, visit family and friends, spend the last pennies in their accounts.

I am very much aware that I am too old for this.  But just like the children, I would like a parcel for Christmas too. I miss the sweets, biscuits and balloons that the Nigerian version of Santa Claus (father Christmas)  gives to the children at those funny, weird and very absurd Christmas shows usually hosted by schools and TV stations. I would also like a Christmas dress and shoes.

Beyond the celebration, 2011 was one year I would find very hard to describe. Summarizing the year would be very hard. All I can say is that it was a year of a lot of gains and losses. Lots and lots of losses I must say. Sometimes when I think about the amount of losses in this year alone, I can only pray and wish that 2012 will better……

In any case, this Christmas I am very happy. I am loving the season, the rice is boiling, mum fried the chicken already, the visitors are falling in.  And I just want to use this medium to wish everyone who has ever read or followed this blog a very merry Christmas and a prosperous 2012. Hoping that 2012 will be much more peaceful, fun and random. See you next year!

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This is Izzy saying DEUCES!!!